Online platform of the "Road Police" Service of Police of the Republic of Armenia

Using the platform you can

  • Review the decisions made on imposing an administrative fine on you
  • Follow the balance of your penalty points
  • Subscribe to receive electronic notifications via short messages (SMS) on decisions for imposing an administrative fine
  • Attach a user (driver) to the vehicle belonging to you under the right of ownership
  • Conclude an electronic-contract for purchase and sale of a vehicle and submit an electronic application for registration (accounting)
  • Find out about property tax liabilities of vehicles owned by you.

Queuing for driver`s license activities or actions for registering a vehicle.

Attention Persons with disabilities of the first or second degree, if there is a document confirming their status in the registration and examination department, will be served out of turn

Email addresses of RoadPolice Registration and Examination departments

The Road Police said that from now on you can get information about the service of the Road Police Registration and Examination Service online. Applications can be sent to the territorial divisions of the Traffic Police Registration and Examination Service by e-mail, indicating the applicant`s contact information (name, surname, address, telephone number).

  • RED of Yerevan –
  • RED of Kotayk –
  • RED of Sevan –
  • RED of Kapan –
  • RED of Goris –
  • RED of Ashtarak –
  • RED of Vanadzor –
  • RED of Armavir –
  • RED of Artashat –
  • RED of Ijevan –
  • RED of Martuni –
  • RED of Vayk –
  • RED of Gyumri –

For natural persons login with ID card

If you log in with an identification card you will have access to all services on the site. After logging in for the first time, please set up your preferred settings.

Login with Mobile ID Card

If you sign in with a mobile identification card you will have access to all services on the site. After logging in for the first time, please set up your preferred settings.

  • Alternative login for natural persons

    For natural persons, owners and users

  • Access for legal persons

    Legal persons: Banks, Financial and Credit Organization, etc.


How to sign purchase and sale electronic contract and submit an online application

  • Step 1


    Log in with your ID-card or mobile identification card

  • Step 2

    Inquiry type


    Select the type of request: State registration of the vehicle and accounting, or registration only. And you can not change the registration number with the consent of the parties

    Examine the offers from different buyers and choose your favorite

  • Step 3


    Property tax

    You send a request indicating the offer price and wait for the seller's confirmation

    In order to be able to accept the purchase offer, you must not have a property tax liability, and if you have it, pay for it

  • Step 4

    Contract Signing

    Not changing the sign

    After receiving confirmation from the seller, you download the contract, sign it and upload it

    The buyer can send an application to keep the car number plate. You can confirm or reject

  • Step 5


    Contract signing

    After signing the contract, the payment lines are generated, which are subject to payment

    Sign the contract and send it to the buyer

  • Step 6

    Receiving a license plate

    Number plate delivery

    Registration certificate and number will be sent by post

    You can send the registration certificate and number by post

Number of consummated transactions